Vision, Aims and Values

Our Vision

Everyone loves learning and succeeds without limits.


Our aims

Help all children achieve their full potential

Teach a curriculum that is challenging and fun

Provide a safe and nurturing environment

Encourage children to understand themselves and others

Inspire children to be the best they can…



Each half term we have a whole school focus on a different value, which will link with our SEAL (Social and Emotional Aspects of Learning) topics and will be the theme of Tuesday’s assemblies. Vouchers will be awarded to children demonstrating the values and will be displayed on our Quality Street. Our ‘Golden Tickets‘ now also include our six values and are awarded by our lunchtime supervisors. Both the Values vouchers and Golden Tickets will be put into a raffle at the end of each half term, or when we have filled up our Quality Street.


Our Values

We show respect (Autumn 1)

We are kind (Autumn 2)

We are resilient (Spring 1)

We are responsible learners (Spring 2)

We work as a team (Summer 1)

We are aspirational (Summer 2)


Talking about our ‘Values’ at home with your child will help develop and extend their understanding of our shared vocabulary.





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