Promoting a Love of Reading

Access to high-quality and engaging reading material
At Troon School our book corners are mini-libraries where children browse the best books and revisit the ones that have been read to them. Our book corners display our carefully selected reading spine books, along with books relevant to the children's current learning across the curriculum. Teachers share the books displayed during story times which are timetabled daily. Books are revisited in order to "create a living library inside a child's minds" Pie Corbet.   
Troon Karate Bands

What is Reading Karate?

This is a reward-based system for reading at home, which results in the children moving up through coloured ‘belts’, ‘Dans’ (wristbands) or badges, depending on how many times they have read throughout the week. We check to see who has read at home and each Friday we collect in the reading records to total up the number of reads. In our celebration assembly children would receive their awards.