What parents say about our school

Positive Parent comments from Parent Questionnaire

“Brilliant school – all teachers brilliant too.”

“Without the school being so good our home life would be a lot harder.”

“As a parent it pleases me that all the adults at Troon School know all the children! I think that this helps with my children’s safety, confidence and sense of belonging.”

“Regarding bullying we have had no experience and know no-one who has experienced bullying at this school but we feel confident that the school would deal with it immediately.”

“This term’s Bloom’s project has been great. We’ve enjoyed working together and the choice of activities is good. The trips are good and the work is challenging enough.”

“We are really happy with the school and especially its warm, welcoming atmosphere.”

“Fantastic in every way.”

“We have found the school to be caring, well organised and the teachers are very approachable.”

“We feel that the school offers excellent opportunities for our children and they are taught creatively and with enthusiasm.”