• Mrs Sarah Wilkins

    Head of School

  • Mrs Lucy Askew

    Assistant Head, Early Years Foundation Stage and Year 1 teacher

  • Ms Natalie Buckland

    Family Liaison Officer

  • Miss Sarah Johns

    Early Years Foundation Stage and Year 1 teacher, EYFS Manager

  • Miss Charlotte Kirby

    Year 2 teacher

  • Miss Debi Ashworth

    Year 3/4 teacher

  • Mrs Clare Hains

    Year 4/5 teacher

  • Mrs Jo Rossignol

    Year 4/5 teacher

  • Ms Annilee Semmens

    Year 6 Teacher

  • Ms Sophie Hazzard


  • Mrs Judith Rail

    Teaching Assistant - Michael Rosen Class

  • Mrs Jo Richards

    Nursery Nurse - Early Years Foundation Stage

  • Ms Danielle O'Brien

    SEND Teaching Assistant

  • Ms Hayley Moyle

    Higher Level Teaching Assistant & Wrap around care supervisior

  • Mrs Emma Johnson

    SEND Teaching Assistant

  • Mrs Vicky Buckingham

    SEND Teaching Assistant

  • Ms Aimee Medlyn

    SEND Teaching Assistant

  • Ms Kathy Selby

    Teaching Assistant - Julia Donaldson Class

  • Miss Eloise Broglino

    KS2 Teaching Assistant

  • Mrs Emma Mills

    KS2 Teaching Assistant

  • Mrs Melissa Trengove

    SEND Teaching Assistant

  • Mrs Sharon Woor

    Lunchtime Supervisor

  • Ms Bridges

    School Cook

  • Mrs Diane Chattaway

    Site Manager