Michael Rosen Class

In Michael Rosen class, we love sharing poems and stories, especially by our favourite author Michael Rosen. We were very excited when the REAL Michael Rosen answered our question! 


What’s your favourite poem or story written by Michael Rosen?


One of our favourite poems by Michael Rosen is Chocolate Cake


Our Big Question this term is ‘Who were the first farmers?’

We will become archaeologists and history detectives to discover what life may have been like in the Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age and why humans began to farm.

In art, we will recreate stone age art to show what prehistoric life was like.

In DT, we will design and build homes through the Stone Ages to the Iron Age.


PE days this term are Mondays and Wednesdays so please remember to have your full PE kit in school.

Also, remember to bring in your ukuleles on Mondays.