Benjamin Zephaniah Class

Welcome to Benjamin Zephaniah class. Our teachers are Mrs Rossignol and Mrs Hains. We also have Mrs Moyle, Mrs O'Brien, Ms Medlyn and Ms Watts in class to help us with our learning.

This term our topic is, 'Why is exploring fun?'

We have been practising our map skills and learning all about the world around us.

We have been focusing our exploring on America. Our topic has helped us find out about South America and North America and we have used this new knowledge to compare it to where we live.

In our English lessons, we have been finding out about South America and have read lots of books about the Amazon Rainforest. We enjoyed reading 'The Great Kapok Tree' by Lynn Cherry. By reading this book we began to think like the animals and their reasons for not letting this precious tree get chopped down. After that, we read the Shaman’s Apprentice which focused on the people of the Amazon. We learned about the plants that we use as medicines and how the people of the Amazon lived. Gathering ideas from these wonderful stories helped us when we were thinking about writing persuasively. We really want to persuade people to help save the rainforest. To do this, we used the internet to research facts, answer questions and give some practical ideas for what we can do.

We are still really enjoying our Reading lessons. Recently, we have enjoyed exploring the world with 'The Atlas of Adventures'. We learnt lots of new vocabulary from this book and it has been fantastic to see many of the children using that vocabulary in their writing!

We have spent lots of time exploring the new books in our book corner. It has been so exciting opening our intriguing box of new books for our reading spine….we still have some to open! We had great fun reading 'Voices In the Park' and are becoming excellent at using our inference skills when discussing the characters. We can’t wait to find out what other books are in the box.

We are also exploring art from different American cultures and comparing them. We are using  difference techniques inspired by them and will be looking at the artist Andy Warhol-creating a piece of art inspired by him.

In our class we are learning about the design of Native American totem poles. We are excited to be making Native American inspired totem poles to reflect our beliefs and interests.


We love reading and have been doing brilliantly in our daily reading lessons where we use our VIPERS skills to help us. Reading records are checked every day and stickers and house points are given out to those who have read. When we fill up our sticker card, we receive a prize and three cards means a tea party! There are book recommendations on our knowledge organisers which are linked to our topics or why not look out for a Benjamin Zephaniah book.