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We are the Troon School eCadets. We are here to help our peers, parents and teachers stay safe online.
Your guide to personal information film
18th November 2016
During our whole school assembly with parents, carers and grandparents, the eCadets shared some Top Tops about what to do if you receive unkind, unwanted messages.

5th February

We are organising a poster competition for Safer Internet Day on Tuesday 9th February.

We want you to design a poster to help children understand how they should behave using digital technology - rules for being kind online. 

There will be a prize for the winning poster from every year group from Hedgehogs to Year 6.

Watch the short film for some ideas about being kind online.

We will enjoy judging your posters. Play your part and share a heart.

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19th November
We gave an online bullying presentation in the Anti-Bullying assembly to the whole school, parents/carers and grandparents.
Stop and take a screenshot
Think first - never react
Open up - tell someone
Privacy settings - set your online profile to private
16th October 2015
Our challenge this half term was to promote how to have a safe online personal profile. We discussed and shared ideas about what a safe profile should look like...
think about what information do you really want to share with the world
Online Personal Profile Top Tips
1. Use a nickname for your username rather than your real name.
2. Use an avatar or a photo of your pet rather than a selfie.
3. Keep your address and phone number secret...only for real-life friends.
4. Keep your exact birthday a secret. 
5. Are you happy for the photos you post online to be seen by parents, grandparents, teachers or future employers?
6. Is your password secure? try 4 word password and change it regularly.
7. Always be polite and respectful online.
21st May
We have been in Oak Class to help them understand that they are responsible for keeping themselves safe when they play computer and online games. We looked at some game covers and shared PEGI ratings with them to help choose age appropriate games.  
PEGI (Pan-European Game Information) is an age rating system which was established in Europe to help parents make informed decisions about buying or downloading computer games. 
7th May
We have completed the first part of our PEGI challenge, to design a new PEGI icon.
30th April 2015
We have been thinking about our next eCadets challenge - to design new PEGI badges.
20th March 2015
Top Tips To Enjoy The Internet
Our completed spring eCadet challenge. We hope you enjoy our short video and it helps you stay safe online.
13th March 2015
We've been working on our latest eCadet challenge to create “Rules for the Internet” and share them as a short film. First, we watched an eCadet film explaining what the internet is. Then, we looked at the winning eSafety Posters from Safer Internet Day 2015 to prioritise the different rules that would help us stay safe using the internet.


6th February 2015
We've completed our eSafety information board.
30th January 2015
We presented our eCadet promise to the whole school in assembly.
23rd January 2015
We have been working as a team to complete our first echallenge to write an eCadet promise.
We've composed our promise and are going to present it to the whole school in an assembly on 30th January. We now need to complete our information display board opposite Mrs Mankee's office then we can upload it to the eCadet zone.
We are also thinking about our next challenge to create an esafety game that we will share with each class. Keep watching this space and our information board for the latest eCadets updates...
16th January 2015
We received our eCadet badges.
5th February 

We are organising a poster competition because it is Safer Internet Day on Tuesday 9th February.

We want you to design a poster to show how to be  kind online. There will be a prize for the winning poster from every year group. Hopefully you’ll get some ideas from the short film below.

We will enjoy judging your posters. Play your part and share a heart.

During the autumn term, the eCadets visited years 3 to 6 to share ideas about being an Upstander to stop cyberbullying. Then they created this rap, we hope you enjoy.