September 2018

14th September 2018
We have had a wonderful start to term. The children came back full of energy and with a great attitude to their learning. Everyone has settled well and seem to be taking having new teachers, new classrooms and new routines in their stride! We know this can be tricky after a long summer holiday. We are hoping that next week most children (Reception—Y6)will be confident enough to leave their parents in the playground and enter school independently. Your support with this is greatly appreciated. Miss Buckland our new Family Liaison Officer is on duty every morning if you have any concerns or messages to pass on. We have also welcomed Mrs Williams a new teaching assistant into Year 6 and will soon have a new PE apprentice joining us in the next couple of weeks. Last year the attendance and punctuality of some children was well below National Average and this is something that we will be focusing on very closely this year with the support of our Education Welfare Officer. Parents are reminded that the school is unable to authorise any holidays and absence will only be authorised for exceptional circumstances. To encourage good attendance we offer small rewards for 100% attenders each half term and book marks for those children who achieve 96—99% attendance. This year we are offering an extra incentive for good attenders—any child who achieves over 98% attendance in a term will be entered into a draw to win £100.00 of Tesco vouchers for their family! Our first draw will take place in December, just before the Christmas break. Let’s all work together to improve our children’s attendance to give them the best possible opportunities in their learning. How amazing would it be if we became the best school for attendance in Cornwall! Our staff are really looking forward to working in partnership with parents once again and you will be receiving information about the curriculum and your child’s class in the near future. Here’s to another happy and successful school year.