Summer Term Clubs

What is it? Maximum Numbers Who is it for? When is it? Who runs it?
Choir     30
Reception –Y6
Mr Field, Miss Johns, Mrs Lamb
(£10 for the term - payable in advance to reserve a place)
20 Rec, y1-2


Finishes at 4:15pm

 Nick Eagles
(Sports4Tots) and Mr Dunstan
SATs Spelling Club All of year 6 welcome y6


Mrs Lamb and Miss Brownlow
Cricket Club 20 y4-6


Jamie, Mr Dunstan, Mr Carter and Mr Williams
Hula-Hooping 15 y3-6 Thursday
Maria Ashton(Hularia) and Mr Dunstan
Surf Club (£10 per session) 10  y4-6 (a separate letter will be sent out with relevant information) Thursday Mr Firth and Global Boarders

Our children are very lucky to have such a dedicated team of staff who are willing to give up their time to provide a wide range of extra-curricular activities. If your child would like to participate in any of these clubs please complete the slip below.  Please assume that your child has a place in their chosen club unless you hear otherwise


Children will be expected to commit to that club for at least half a term. If they then decide the club is not for them a letter must come from you explaining that they will not be attending. We need to ensure that both the school and parents are fully aware of where the children are after school and a register will be taken at each club.  NB: Club letters need to be returned no later than the end of term.